Preparing floats for the Homecoming Parade

The Homecoming Parade held before the Homecoming Game will feature floats based on the theme of fairy tales to match the homecoming theme “Once Upon a Homecoming.” Sigma Sigma Sigma, Delta Tau Delta and the Catholic Student Association are a few organization participating by building floats. File Photo/The Lion’s Roar

The week leading up to the Homecoming Football Game is filled with traditions and celebrations. One of these traditions is the Homecoming Parade.

Happening on Oct. 7 at 12 p.m., this year’s parade will be filled with fairy tale themed floats to accompany the “Once Upon a Homecoming” theme of Homecoming Week.

Sigma Sigma Sigma and Delta Tau Delta will be joining together to make a “Beauty and the Beast” themed float.




“We had to pick from two themes, and I thought ‘Beauty and the Beast’ would be fun,” said Jaimie Jakes, a junior accounting major and member of Sigma Sigma Sigma. “I’m looking forward to decorating with my sisters and the fraternity that we are paired with. I’m also excited for everyone to see our float in the parade.”

Jakes enjoys getting to work with her sisters and the members of Delta Tau Delta.

“The best part about participating in this competition is working with all of the awesome people in the sorority and fraternity,” said Jakes.

Mason McKey, a sophomore marketing major and member of Delta Tau Delta is excited to see the end product.

“I’m looking forward to how the decorating will turn out and hoping that it turns heads,” said McKey. “I like that I am able to contribute my creative ideas into the design.”

Jakes has liked attending Homecoming Parades in past years.

“I love watching the floats go by, looking at the designs and watching how much fun everyone is having while riding,” said Jakes.

McKey has enjoyed bonding with his fraternity as they watched the parade.

“My favorite part about the Homecoming Parade in the past has been getting together with all of my friends and fraternity brothers as we watch our peers in the parade,” said McKey.

The Catholic Student Association will be making an “Aladdin” themed float for this year’s parade.

“Admittedly, it was better than Snow White,” said Joseph Ricci, a senior history major. “But in all seriousness, ‘Aladdin’ allowed us to have a bit more fun with design and thematic.”

Ricci is looking forward to seeing the finished float after many attempts.

“I’d say I’m most excited to see how it all turns out,” said Ricci. “When I build things, I typically just throw things together. It’s a lot of trial and error, and it’s always nice to see what the finished project ends up looking like.”

Ricci enjoys the energy that the Homecoming Parade brings to the crowds on game day.

“I love seeing the creativity of our organization and others come together to put on a parade for my fellow students and the people of Hammond,” said Ricci. “I’ve only been a part of the parade one time before, but I can’t get enough of the energy level as the parade turns into Friendship Circle.”