Faculty and students test their knowledge

Dr. Robert Martin, left, and Dr. Kellen Gilbert, right, of the faculty team Social Factors getting ready to answer a question in the 16th annual Homecoming Quiz Bowl.
Jonathan Rhodes/The Lion's Roar 

Teams of students and faculty gathered in the Student Union Theatre around their usual class schedules to compete in the 16th annual “Phi Kappa Phi Homecoming Intramural Quiz Bowl Tournament.” Each team had four players to a group, but most teams simply made substitutions in between matches.

English Professor Dr. Joan Faust helped moderate the competition as well as keep track of the time for each question. Faust believes it was a very successful quiz bowl this year.

“It’s always after the event runs smoothly that we can appreciate how much fun and enthusiasm it generated,” said Faust. “So, I was pleased with this 16th annual quiz bowl. We especially wanted to maintain the camaraderie and levity of the competition. It is supposed to be enjoyable and not high pressure for participants, and I think we succeeded.”

The faculty team “Social Factors” comprised of sociology and criminal justice professors Dr. John G. Boulahanis, Dr. Robert Martin, Dr. Kenneth Bolton and Dr. Kellen Gilbert. They defeated the Biology Graduate Student Organization team called Darwin’s Darlins, which included Renato Saragoca Bruno, Dajon Beard, Wren Vicknair, Oliver Ljustina and Elizabeth Taylor.

The students enjoyed the friendly competition with their fellow students and against their professors and hope to enjoy it next year.

“It was great and a lot of fun,” said Beard. “We got carried by our teammate Oliver, but it’s a lot fun to do it. Definitely will do it next year. I try to get at least two teams together since we graduate every two years. So hopefully, next year we will have two BGSO teams.”

Faculty members get more of a rivalry out of competing in the quiz bowl because they usually face the same colleagues each year.

“Quiz bowl is the same every year, but part of what makes it fun is that we see some of the same teams,” said Professor of Kinesiology and Health Studies Dr. Eddie Hebert. “History has a team and psychology has a team, so it’s a fun rivalry. Every time I see them outside of the quiz bowl, they will tell me, ‘We’re gonna beat you next year.’ So, it’s just fun competition between the faculty.”

Some of the questions asked by Communication Professor Dr. Joe Burns stumped the contestants because the topics were a bit over their heads.

“Everything about literature was difficult for me,” said Ljustina. “I am not as well read as I should be. Most of the questions pertaining to animals were the most comfortable for me.”

The quiz bowl was created 16 years ago to help promote the Phi Kappa Phi honor society and to bring students and faculty together during homecoming.

“The idea for quiz bowl came up in the year 2000 when the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi offered ‘Promotion of Excellence’ grants to chapters for proposed projects to advance the society,” said Faust. “I applied for one and received the only grant fully funded, so judged worthy of support. With that money, I purchased buzzers, PKP tablecloths, trophies and quiz bowl questions for that first tournament that coincided with the first year of the return of football to Southeastern, so 2001. We scheduled the event on Homecoming Week to offer another kind of competition for our faculty, staff and students. Since the purpose of Phi Kappa Phi is to promote and celebrate academic excellence, the tournament perfectly fit our goals.”