Alumni socialize and raise funds at mixer

Alumni returned to their alma mater to mingle with food, music, dance and door prizes.

The African American Alumni Chapter held the African American Alumni Mixer in the Alumni Center on Oct. 6, starting at 9 p.m.

“We could not ask for a better turnout, a better event,” said Vice President of the African American Alumni Chapter and Communication Instructor Keturah Green. “Everybody’s having a good time, laughing. The drinks are flowing. The food was great. We have an excellent DJ. On top of that, it’s for a wonderful cause, and considering the weather and that they also have other events going on tonight, I think it’s just amazing.”

Besides an opportunity for socialization, the event was a fundraising opportunity for the African American Alumni Chapter Scholarship.

“We actually have a $20,000 endowment,” said African American Alumni Chapter Treasurer Terry Brown. “We started in 2002, and this is our 15th year of the alumni chapter. We started with about 18 members. Our first fundraiser was a car wash at Peoples Bank, and since that time, our main fundraiser had been the ball soiree in the fall. We’ve done ‘Rock ‘n Roar’ in the spring. We’ve done a car show right out here in the parking lot some years back.”




Alumnus Clarence Walker discussed how the university has changed since he graduated in 1978.

“It’s a dramatic change since I was here,” said Walker. “Tremendous growth. Students everywhere. We didn’t have this many students when I was here.”

Walker retired from the oil and gas industry and decided to return to the university for the mixer.

“This is just a small way of giving back and just greeting old friends,” said Walker.

Green has seen the university adapt in her time since starting as a freshman in 2008.

“Throughout the years, I’ve noticed that Southeastern just continues to grow, expand and evolve with the times,” said Green. “That’s something I think you have to do in this day and age. You gotta be innovative. You gotta come up with new things to reach your audience, and in this case, it’s the students. It’s all about them, and Southeastern does a really good job of that. We have the Summer Smart semester now. We have events like these being put on. I mean, Homecoming Week, even though we have Hurricane Nate coming, was simply exemplary.”

According to Brown, the students and buildings have changed since he was a student.

“Naturally, a lot of the buildings,” said Brown. “I think the students that came before, they weren’t so much students and trying to graduate. They were just getting by. Therefore, when they did not get their degree, they blamed the schooling system. Myself, I was a non-traditional student. I came in ’77, graduated in ’99. Therefore, I came back and made it for myself. Therefore, I’m proud to say I’m an alumnus of the university as well as a lifetime member of the Alumni Association.”

Brown shared his thoughts about the event.

“By Alumni Center allowing us to use the center, there was not a cost factor,” said Brown. “We got pretty good sponsorship, and again, I’m the treasurer, so I handle all the sponsorships. I know what we’ve raised in sponsorships. Ticket sales weren’t where they needed to be, but I think everybody that has come tonight has enjoyed themselves. Also, Nate may have put a little damper on our event. They did not have the step show here at the University Center tonight.