Greeks play dodgeball

The annual Greek Week dodgeball tournament that was held in the Pennington Student Activity Center was well recieved by the Greeks who attended as adjustments made to improve the tournament increased player's participation and crowd enjoyment.
Jonathan Rhodes/The Lion's Roar

Greek Week activities became hard to avoid during the annual dodgeball tournament. The 10 teams were made from the five teams that have been competing throughout Greek Week.

Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta made up the two teams Sigma-A and Sigma-B. Phi Mu, Delta Tau Delta and Delta Sigma Theta made up Phi Mu-A and Phi Mu-B. Alpha Omicron Pi, Kappa Alpha Order and Kappa Alpha Psi made up Alpha Omicron Pi-A and Alpha Omicron Pi-B. Theta Phi Alpha, Sigma Tau Gamma and Sigma Gamma Rho made up Theta Phi-A and Theta Phi-B. Alpha Sigma Tau, Theta Chi and Alpha Kappa Alpha made up Alpha Sigma Tau-A and Alpha Sigma Tau-B.

Sigma-A and Sigma-B ended up facing each other in the championship round, so the Sigma teams shared the championship. Senior management major Margueritte Sauter played for the Sigma-A team and enjoyed participating in the tournament.




“It was fun and really cool that we won and got first and second,” said Sauter.

A few changes were made to the way the games were played this year in order to make the game more challenging and structured.

“Everybody had a good time, and I think it went really well,” said junior nursing major Matthew Graham who played for the Phi Mu team. “Part of the court was actually smaller, which made the game go a little bit faster. They also made to where there are smaller balls, and that went well because a lot of people do not want the games to go so long. And we played best two out of three.”

The size of the balls made the game more challenging than a dodgeball tournament with larger balls, and it also made the games safer for those hit by the balls. Not everyone enjoyed the challenge of having to be more accurate with their throws.

“Every time you threw the balls, they tailed a little bit, but you just got to adjust to that,” said junior kinesiology major Coleden Heckmann. “I missed out on last year, but this year was very fun.”

The atmosphere of the tournament was similar to any of the Lions baseball or football games. Attendees cheered for their friends and fellow members of their fraternity or sorority to win.

“It seemed like we had a few more people in attendance this year, and everybody was a little more enthused about the games,” said Assistant Director of the Office for Student Engagement Kyle Gallagher. “It went extremely well. I think everybody really enjoyed themselves.”