RHA’s college prom

Attendees of RHA's prom pose with the Neverland decorations. The "Escape to Neverland" theme was voted on by students.
Zachary Araki/The Lion's Roar

Music and dancing at the university’s prom themed “Escape to Neverland” kept students entertained and engaged before spring break.

The Residence Hall Association held the prom in the War Memorial Student Union Grand Ballroom on Tuesday, March 27 at 7 p.m.

“It’s definitely unique, and it’s a twist to the collegiate experience,” said senior psychology major and Resident Assistant for Livingston Hall DeQuaz Humphries. “I think it’s very different, and I feel like our residents’ kind of needed that experience, especially for some of them who haven’t experienced prom. I know some of my residents haven’t experienced prom in high school.”




Senior social studies education, grades 6-12 major and member of RHA Calyn Landaiche discussed how RHA decided to hold a prom.

“We listen to residents’ feedback and what they want to see on campus,” said Landaiche. “The cool thing about RHA is we take those ideas and make it come alive. So, they wanted dances and stuff, but then people were like, ‘I didn’t have a prom in high school.’ And so, it kind of got switched to having a prom, something that the residents want. That’s our purpose as an organization to do events that are fun, that are just relaxing, get your mind off school but still build a community on campus life.”

Landaiche discussed preparation for the event.

“I’ve been a part of RHA for three years, and I’ve been wanting to do this for two,” said Landaiche. “It was a lot of prep work. We knew over the fall semester that we were going to have an event, but we didn’t start planning it and set a date until spring. Then, we had votes by the residents, and they voted for this theme.”

Freshman health systems management major and member of RHA Brookelynn Seghers shared her thoughts on the prom’s theme.

“Honestly, I don’t really want to grow up,” said Seghers. “I could relate to the Neverland theme, and it made for cute decorations.”

Sophomore nursing major Michelle Gurley celebrated her 21st birthday at the prom.

“I love it,” said Gurley. “It’s beautiful. It’s something to celebrate. It’s something different. I never knew they had a college prom, so this is amazing to me.”

Freshman communication major Gregory Jacob shared why he attended the prom.

“I wanted the experience,” said Jacob. “I know this is my first semester here at Southeastern. I don’t know if they may have or may not have another prom in the coming years, and in case not, I wanted to experience what prom was like here.”

According to Landaiche, the last prom was held about 10 years ago.

“We want definitely to have this event again next year and only improve it,” said Landaiche. “We want a new theme. We have some options. We can see where we can help people. Other things, we want more games, more interactive things for people, maybe some food concepts. It’s just sometimes, it gets expensive with an organizational budget, and you don’t want to charge for this event.”

The Residence Hall Association put up decorations to follow the prom's Neverland theme.
Zachary Araki/The Lion's Roar