Make it official


Annie Goodman, Editor-In-Chief

It can be daunting to explore a new environment, and often students fall back on what is familiar by returning home to the restaurants and stores they grew up around. With 79.2 percent of undergraduate students living off campus or commuting in 2017 according to the Office of Institutional Research, many students may not realize what Hammond has to offer.

The Hammond community supports the university and its students. A way to branch out into the community is by becoming familiar with the businesses that suppurt Southeastern Athletics.

Among these businesses is the Official Restaurant & Bar of Southeastern Athletics, which is Our Mom’s Restaurant & Bar.

“Our connection with SLU is an important part of our identity,” said Co-Owner J.P. Ngo. “It’s why we’re the official restaurant and bar of SLU athletics, and it’s why we make such an effort to take care of students and faculty in particular.”

The restaurant, located at 205 E. Thomas St., is known for its family atmosphere and affordable prices.

“As part of that effort to care for their SLU customers, Our Mom’s institutes nightly drink specials and a 20 percent discount every Tuesday to students and faculty members with valid university ID,” said Co-Owner Trent Fresina. “Between those efforts and a new location with a cool atmosphere, there isn’t much more any Lion could ask for.”




Another business that supports Southeastern Athletics is run by a 2017 university graduate and her mother. Obsession Boutique opened in 2013 and has been dubbed the Official Boutique of Southeastern Athletics since 2016.

“Obsession is actually geared toward the college student,” said Co-Owner Tori Hoover. “We try to bring all the latest trends to college girls at a reasonable price. For game day, we have like half the store in green and gold so they can come here rather than have to go search high and low for our colors.”

The store is located at 420 Palace Drive and takes pride in its customer service.

“We really strive for whenever people walk in the door, to make sure they are met with a friendly face and that they are shopping with someone like a sister or friend,” said Hoover.

In 2017, the university partnered with Gnarly Barley Brewing Co. to release the official university beer. It is called Lion Up and is an American wheat ale. The owners of Gnarly Barley, Zac and Cari Caramonta, are alumni of the university and were the 2016 Young Alumni of the Year. Their brewery can be found at 1709 Corbin Road and holds open warehouse events on the weekends.

A couple other official university symbols to be aware of are the Lion Up gesture and the mascot. Roomie the Lion was named after a beloved biology professor in 1964. The gesture consists of making an “L” shape with the index finger and thumb of both hands and holding them to your head.