Joy, love, hope and faith in DPP’s concert


Annie Goodman

Students in the Dance Performance Project practice for their upcoming show “One Road: A Journey of Joy, Love, Hope, ad Faith.” Director of Dance Keith “Skip” Costa heads the dance group.

Annie Goodman, Editor-In-Chief

For the upcoming Dance Performance Project concert, Keith “Skip” Costa, director of dance, is bringing to the Vonnie Borden Theatre a melding of the arts.

The show, titled “One Road: A Journey of Joy, Love, Hope, and Faith,” is scheduled for Oct. 2 and 3 at 7:30 p.m. as part of Fanfare. The concert will feature work from students in the dance, music and visual arts programs on campus.

The show is segmented into four parts: “Joy,” “Love,” “Hope” and “Faith.” The first piece, “Joy,” is choreographed by three students.

Alexis May, a senior double majoring in psychology and general studies with a concentration in dance, choreographed the first part.

“When I think of joy, I envision people spreading love and sharing things and sharing their happiness,” said May. “To me, that means sharing music and dancing. So, basically, what I have them doing is they’re all kind of stuck in routine, and then one girl comes along. She starts dancing to her own beat, and she passes that beat around through a pair of headphones. She transferred her joy to everyone else as the dance goes on.”

Hayley Duplantier, a senior double majoring in history and general studies with a concentration in dance, expressed the struggles of working with two other choreographers for one dance.




“There is a lot of compromise that has to be made,” said Duplantier. “Thankfully, the three of us are very, very close friends and have been for years, which made the process a little more comforting. But at times, it was hard not stepping on other people’s toes because it is your best friend. I can definitely say the process would have been very different had the three of us not been very close prior to this.”

The third choreographer is Brianna Denmark, a senior general studies major with a concentration in dance.

“Joy to me, is feeling the music and going with what pushes me to do,” said Denmark. “So, that is exactly what I did with my choreography, but I also had the inspiration from all my other dancers to see them dance and then incorporate some of that movement just to showcase, ‘Hey, this is their definition.”

Duplantier chose lifts as her expression of joy.

“I have the final section for the piece of ‘Joy,’” said Duplantier. “My thought process was more along the lines of we rise by lifting others similar to Alexis with the spreading of the joy in that I think it’s very contagious and powerful.”

“Love” and “Hope” will also be choreographed by students while “Faith” is being choreographed by Costa. The show will feature live music and be accompanied by a video component.

Tickets for the show are $8.00 for students, seniors and children and $10.00 for general admission. They can be purchased in the lobby of D Vickers Hall 30 minutes prior to the performance.