Finding local live music in Hammond


Zachary Araki

Casey Saba, a 2006 alumnus, performs at Red, White & Brew. He performs both covers and original music. Beyond live music, Saba is also a comedian and teacher. Saba has seen the live music business grow from face-to-face booking to email and Facebook.

Zachary Araki, A&E Editor

Whether looking to hear live music or for a place to perform, a number of venues in Hammond can fit the bill.

Red, White & Brew invites musicians to perform every Saturday. For Jarred Smith, manager of Red, White & Brew, the benefits of live music go beyond a break from hearing the same playlist. 

“Having live music is great, especially because ‘A,’ you’re supporting the local artists from around this area, and it gets to expose the general public that may not know these artists or have not heard them before to their music,” said Smith. “Sometimes we have cover bands, but a lot of times, we have bands that produce their own music.”

Casey Saba, a 2006 alumnus, made a career performing at venues. Since Saba began performing, live music grew from going to a venue and talking with someone face-to-face for a booking to the predominant use of email and Facebook.

“It’s a self-manifesting spark,” said Saba. “If this profession doesn’t come with a lot of pats on the back, it’s because you’re your own boss.”

Saba takes advantage of technology by live streaming on his podcast “Coffee Table Concerts” at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays. Requests can be made through the Facebook page Casey Saba Music.




Saba’s repertoire covers a range of music from Monty Python and the theme to “Inspector Gadget” to Buffalo Springfield.

“Every crowd is different, so you look for signs,” said Saba. “If somebody is wearing a Pink Floyd shirt, they probably like Pink Floyd. The first thing I look for is memorabilia. The second thing I look for is general age. It’s funny because all ages seem to rock to that Buffalo Springfield jam, and it’s what funny what people dig.”

For October, La Carreta will bring live music every night Monday through Saturday and brunch for Sunday. Marina Rodriguez, manager of La Carreta, discussed what live music brings to the restaurant.

“Depending on who we pick, depending on who plays on a certain day, it creates the whole atmosphere of the place,” said Rodriguez. “It makes it a fun and festive and inviting place to be.”

Cate Street Pub usually hosts live music every other Friday. Channing Reis, general manager of Cate Street Pub, likes to mix up the type of music from country to classic rock to bring in a diverse crowd. 

Reis said, “Most people we have play, they’re actually Hammond locals or something like that from the area that everyone knows, and every now and then, we like to try out a newer band like an upcoming band, see how they do, see if they can progress and make it to the next step. We’re just a practice line for everyone. From garage to a venue, it’s a big step.”

Any musician interested in finding a place to perform can contact Red, White & Brew, La Carreta or Cate Street Pub to audition.

For Saba, live performance began as an escape, or a coping mechanism, but he started to see it more as a means for bringing together a community. Saba saw Hammond grow since he attended the university.

“This is a great place, and they have a good scene,” said Saba. “The thing I used to say at all my rock and roll shows is, ‘This is your community, so look around if you’re at the same show and shake some hands because those are the people you’re around every day.’ Talk to your barista. Talk to your bartender.”