A day in the life of Michael Aleman


Jacob Summerville

University Police Offer Michael Aleman aims to serve the university in his role on campus. His enjoyment of community events contributed to his reasons for joining the police force.

Jacob Summerville, Staff Reporter

Service, education and protection to the university are the three main goals of the University Police Department. But how did they get to their position and why do the officers stick with it?

University Police Officer Michael Aleman, a university alumnus, said that he joined the police force after graduation to “serve and better my community.”

“I have always loved the community events growing up and seeing law enforcement participate in the events,” said Aleman.

Earning his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice after the spring 2016 semester, Aleman is looking to further his education in radiology while remaining in law enforcement as a reserve officer, but has not decided on a specific university for this program.

Aleman shared that his duties are always shifting due to the nature of law enforcement.

“Law enforcement work is constantly changing,” said Aleman. “Law enforcement changes because society is changing. As a law enforcement officer, we are here to serve and protect our community. If our community changes, we have to change as well. Also, laws change as well. My duties as a police officer have changed with my employment. The reason it has changed is because of everything I mentioned above.”




Because each day brings its unique set of situations and duties, Aleman eats whenever there is a break.

“I get to eat three meals a day,” said Aleman. “I never eat at the same times each day due to work. We are always working calls or cases, so the times to eat become whenever you can.”

Serving as a police officer, Aleman does reserve some of his time to hobbies. He said that he enjoys being outside.

“My hobbies are fishing, scuba diving and ultimate frisbee,” said Aleman. “I am actively involved with all my hobbies.”

Aleman also spends some of his time on social media.

“I enjoy seeing the experiences other people are enjoying,” said Aleman. “Also, I enjoy staying informed on what is happening in society.”

His interactions with students also provides him with memorable stories. Aleman described an experience that occurred near the dormitories.

“There were some students sitting on the bench in between Pride Hall and Taylor Hall playing music,” said Aleman. “They looked at me and started playing the ‘Bad Boys’ song. They started laughing and asked me, ‘Can we get in trouble for the music?’ I told them they could if it was loud. They started laughing and played the, ‘Why can’t We Be Friends’ song. I couldn’t stop laughing during shift change. Those interactions with students always make my day.”

Undergraduate students can hold the positions of a student officer, student officer cadet or building checker at the UPD. For more information, contact the UPD at 985-549-3835 or at [email protected]