Learning etiquette

Madeline Cancienne, Staff Reporter

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The Master of Business Administration Society sponsored the “Alumni Luncheon” to inform students and alumni about real world etiquette skills.

The luncheon, held in the Alumni Center on Nov. 7, allowed students and alumni to learn about etiquette and ask any questions about awkward dining situations.

MBA Society President Anna Strider explained the benefits of this event.

“This generation of people will be employed by an older generation,” said Strider. “This type of information is not common knowledge for us, so it is important to know these things when going into the real world.”

Director of Leadership for the Baton Rouge Area Chamber Emily Stich spoke about dining etiquette such as the proper way to cut food, where to lay one’s napkin down during the meal rather than at the end of the meal, and if silverware is dropped during the meal, what the next step should be.

Strider shared the lifelong value of this information.

“You can use this information for the rest of your life,” said Strider. “You can use etiquette at weddings or when you meet your boyfriend’s family for the first time.”