Potential students preview the university

Gerard Borne, Staff Reporter

The university welcomed potential students for “Lion Pride Preview” to see what the university can offer.

Students went to different areas of campus as they learned about the university on Nov. 16.

Tanner Throckmorton shared how he became interested in the university.

“I heard about Southeastern from when I was a kid,” said Throckmorton. “My parents came here and said it was a really nice. I also like the cost of Southeastern. So far from what I have looked at, the prices look relatively cheap. Southeastern is also really close to my house.”

Assistant Director of Recruitment Ryan Kavanaugh explained how the university tour differs from other universities.

“It is different because it’s a free tour,” said Kavanaugh. “Most to all universities make you pay out of pocket just to tour the university. It is also different because we let the future students and parents tour at their own time. There is no set schedule.”

Kavanaugh discussed what “Lion Pride Preview” offers potential students.

“It gives both parents and students an in-depth look on the university,” said Kavanaugh. “It lets them see what our campus has to offer and what the campus life is like. Our small tour groups offer an in-depth look on the classrooms and campus housing.”