Knowing the right way to cross


Jacob Summerville/The Lion’s Roar

A sign on the corner of N General Pershing St. and W University Ave. directs pedestrians to utilize the underpass since there is not an established crosswalk running across W University Ave. University police have ticketed pedestrians for not abiding by this rule.

Students and visitors should remember to travel across University Avenue only using the pedestrian underpass.

Since there was an increase in students crossing University Avenue last semester, a news release titled “Pedestrian Safety… Your Safety Matters!” included a reminder from the University Police Department to utilize the pedestrian tunnel.

Dr. Eric Summers, vice president for Student Affairs, explained the progressing issue and what procedures are being enforced to alleviate the problem.

“Students that crossed illegally were traveling to and from area apartments, local businesses and to parked vehicles,” explained Summers. “Since crossing a roadway without a marked crosswalk is not only dangerous but unlawful, university police began issuing citations to any student found crossing outside of crosswalks. That will continue, and we have also added signage to direct students to the tunnel.”

According to Richard Davis Jr., the Student Government Association president, SGA set aside $19,594 between 2010 and 2015.

Davis described the negligence of students not using the underpass as “unfortunate.”




“Former students agreed to spend nearly $20,000 of their fees to improve the underpass,” said Davis. “So, we are definitely doing a disservice to them by not using it to the fullest potential.”

Last semester, there was a pedestrian-involved fatality on University Avenue that took the life of a university student.

Davis shared that pedestrians need to use the underpass, but that drivers should always look out for those who choose not to.

“Saving time by crossing a busy avenue is and never should be worth your life,” said Davis. “I would also encourage those who are driving along University Avenue to always be aware of those pedestrians who may cross the street and to always abide by the speed limit.”

Summers also gave a word of caution to students that extends to all traffic areas on campus.

“I would urge students to always use the pedestrian tunnel when crossing University Avenue and to only cross streets at designated crosswalks,” explained Summers. “Students should also look both ways before entering crosswalks, never assuming that a driver will give them the right of way. Most importantly, they should put down distractions, like cellphones, when crossing roadways.”