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Teamwork on the tennis court

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Putri Insani, a freshman, and Ximena Yanez, a sophomore, were victorious over Abilene Christian University in their doubles match and individual singles matches.

The match was held on March 1 at the tennis complex.

Jason Hayes, head coach of tennis, attributed the wins to teamwork.

“When everyone works together, we can make this year a step in the right direction,” said Hayes.

Insani discussed the game’s outcome.

“I did feel confidence after I won the game, but I know our next game will get tougher,” shared Insani. “So, I shouldn’t be satisfied with myself.”

For future games, Hayes looks towards improvements.

“We work all year for these 11 matches, and we have a chance to make something happen, but it’s tough,” explained Hayes. “The first eight teams we play beat us last year, so we need to be positive and believe in each other.”

Hayes shared the team’s plans to guarantee success.

“We are just continuing to work hard and improve each time out because of the importance of the conference schedule,” said Hayes.

To compete in the conference, Insani hopes to maintain teamwork and support.

“Overall, I like how we play,” stated Insani. “We were loud. We support each other. I hope we can keep this spirit and we can get a better result. I hope we can participate in the conference match this year.”

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