Bake sale raises money for mental health


Maiah Woodring/The Lion's Roar

The National Alliance on Mental Illness on Campus Southeastern held a bake sale in the Student Union Breezeway to help fund the organization.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness on Campus Southeastern raised money to fund the group and future events with a bake sale.

The organization set up its “St. Patty’s Day Bake Sale and Raffle” on March 11-12 in the Student Union Breezeway.

Lojuanda Weary, a junior biological sciences major, explained why a bake sale was the optimal fundraising format.

“With a bake sale, it is very easy,” said Weary. “First of all, people love food, and they love sweets, and they love food that are cheap, so we try to make a fundraiser, a bake sale, because it’s the quickest way to catch someone’s attention.”

Weary described the event as a success.

“Some people didn’t have to buy baked goods,” shared Weary. “They just told us to keep the money, and we did have a really successful sale so far ‘cause half of the goodies are gone.”