MADE Men teaches life lessons


Gerard Borne/The Lion's Roar

Students from Alfred Bonnabel Magnet Academy High School participate in “Entourage,” MADE Men’s leadership workshop. For the event, MADE Men gave them a tour of the campus and showed them what the college lifestyle is like.

MADE Men taught team building exercises and the fundamentals of college to upperclassmen students from Alfred Bonnabel Magnet Academy High School.

MADE Men’s fourth annual leadership workshop “Entourage” was held on March 29 in the Student Union Mall.

Darnell Butler, president of MADE Men, discussed what the workshop entailed.

“Every semester, we hold an event to teach high school students essential skills they need in order to succeed in college,” explained Butler. “We give them a tour of Southeastern and let them see what the classroom is like. We also talk about the college lifestyle, and we talk about what to expect in the future once they graduate high school and from college.”

Butler shared his favorite part of “Entourage.”

“I like how much it helps students learn about college and what to expect,” said Butler. “I also like how we teach them how to pursue their dreams as a college student. We like building the partnerships with these students and being leaders for them.”