Colorguard gives updates on auditions and operations


File Photo/The Lion's Roar

The Spirit of Southland Colorguard hosted tryouts online and accepted submission videos until May 31. According to Miranda Matise, the new caption of the team, people can still try by reaching out through their Instagram page.

In a quarantine-safe fashion, the Spirit of Southland Colorguard has been expanding their team and preparing for the 2020-21 season.

The Colorguard hosted tryouts online, accepting submission videos until May 31. Miranda Matise, a junior communication sciences and disorders major, has been chosen as the new captain, and new members have already been welcomed to the team.

Although the deadline has passed, Matise shared it is not too late to try out.

“People can still try out,” said Matise. “Just contact our Colorguard Instagram page @slu_colorguard, and we can give you more information. We also have a video on our page that I highly recommend anyone should watch because it explains why people should join. We’re fun, passionate and friendly. We’re a big family.”

Matise explained how the upcoming semester will be different from what the team is used to.

“As far as I know, there will be no halftime and pre-game performances,” said Matise. “Instead, we will play and dance in the stands. We will have to be spaced out. Camp and practices will be shortened. All of the events associated with the band were canceled. I am unsure exactly what Colorguard will do.”

Madison Matthews, a senior curriculum and instruction major, has been a member of the Colorguard for two years and believes the team will have to adapt as they go along.

“Personally, I am a little nervous about the way the season will play out,” expressed Matthews. “We have to kind of play things by ear. The season will be different with all the new regulations in place to keep us all healthy and safe, so I understand.”

The team will be performing under new conditions, but the same qualifications are expected for new members.

“As long as you can demonstrate the basic technique, movement and performance, you should make it,” explained Matise. “We don’t really want a small team, we want to grow. There were a lot of people who tried out, and a lot of people made it.”

Matisse shared how the Colorguard adjusted their recruitment process to make it quarantine-friendly.

“Normally, we would have two clinics for people to come and spin with us and then a tryout for them to come tryout for our team,” explained Matise. “Everything was canceled, so we had to do online auditions. Students would fill out an online tryout form and send in videos demonstrating what we asked of them. This would be certain techniques. They also had to come up with a short routine to showcase their abilities.”

Matise expressed her gratitude for the number of people who pursued joining the team.

“We’re so happy that many people tried out,” said Matise. “We were very worried that because of COVID people might not like online aid options, but we are so thankful they did them.”

Despite the obstacles, Matthews believes that the team will only become stronger.

“I do think that this season will make us stronger as a team because we will be adapting so much to what’s going on throughout the semester,” noted Matthews. “The team is like family to me, and they would say the same. So, we are all willing to put in all the work to make all of our performances as great as if it were a normal season.”