Now Manage your id with new get app

The university has switched from ManageMyID to GET for its increased amount of functions in comparison.

“It provides additional functionality such as being able to view Cub Cash transactions, not just Lion’s Lagniappe, report both lost and found IDs, identify all merchants that accept Lion’s Lagniappe and also provides a free app for both iPhone and Android users,” said Robin Parker, Director of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives for Auxiliary Services. “It also allows users to login with their Southeastern login information.”

To add funds to your account, login to GET using your WNumber and password at, click the “ADD FUNDS” button, use drop down to select Deposit Amount, enter credit card information, you may also save your credit card information on file, click “Continue” and click “Add Funds.”

The university switched to GET because ManageMyID was no longer going to be available.

“The previous online account management system, ManageMyID, was no longer supported by CBORD, the company that the Campus Card Operations office works with for online account management offerings,” said Parker. “GET replaced ManageMyID with new features and functionalities.”

Guests can deposit into student accounts as well. To make a guest deposit access the Guest Deposit page, deposit enter the University ID Number of the person for whom you are making a guest deposit, click “Continue,” the student’s name will be displayed for identification, use drop down to select Deposit Amount, enter credit card information and email address, click “Continue,” and to complete the deposit click “Continue” again. The funds will be placed in the account and ready to use.




GET is a more convenient management system for students than ManageMyID was.

“GET provides students with a convenient way to manage their Lagniappe account, add funds at any time, allow guest users to make Lagniappe deposits, check balances and find out where Lion’s Lagniappe is accepted on and off campus, check Cub Cash balances and report lost or found Southeastern IDs,” said Parker. “Students can also access GET through a free, user-friendly app, GET Mobile for iPhone and Android users, that makes for an even quicker, more convenient experience.”

GET also has a mobile app for students. To download and install the app, open the App Store, for iPhone users, or Google Play Store, for Android users, search for GET Mobile, download the free app, select Southeastern Louisiana University login using your WNumber and password then create and verify a 4-digit PIN number.