Beyond the Field: A Look into Taylor Schwaner’s Accomplishments

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Taylor Schwaner was recenlty named Southland Conference Baseball Player of the Year after playing on the Lions' baseball team for three years.
Jonathan Rhodes/ The Lion's Roar 

Throughout his three-year career as a third base infielder for the Lions, Taylor Schwaner has racked up a list of accolades a mile long. He was most recently named Southland Conference Baseball Player of the Year in 2017. Despite his many accomplishments, the New Orleans native, who began playing baseball at four, chalks up his success to determination. 

The Lion’s Roar: How do you feel about being named player of the year?

Taylor Schwaner: I’m very humbled by it. It’s an incredible accomplishment. At the end of the day, I’d love to turn that all in for that Omaha journey. 

TLR: What has been the worst part about the recent season for you?

TS: That last game against Rice. Everything was right in front of us. We could’ve been the first team in the Southland Conference to make a Super Regional. 

TLR: How did you manage to maintain a consistent batting performance all season?

TS: Working hard each and every day with my approach at the plate. Whether pitchers are pitching to me differently throughout the season, and not getting too down on myself if I get out or swinging my arm from my back to my bat.

TLR: Why are you proud to be a member of the Lions’ baseball team?

TS: Wearing that ‘Lions’ across your chest is a special privilege. We play hard every day. We work hard. I love being a dirtbag. 

TLR: How do you define success?

TS: I set goals each and every year. I try to reach those goals. I shoot for the stars. Reaching those goals, you kind of get a little success by yourself, but there’s always room for more and that’s what’s neat about the game. It’s so humbling for you to do better than what your goals are.