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KSLU revamps ‘Mic Check’

Karen Bourgeois

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“Mic Check” is no stranger to Southeastern’s radio station, KSLU 90.9 FM, having been on air since 2007. The current version, however, is only a few months old and is well on its way to being completely revamped.
Rachel Montoya and Evan McNulty, communication majors and co-hosts of “Mic Check,” deliver the latest hip-hop every Thursday night from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.  Both students have become dedicated to creating a fresh new show specifically geared towards introducing underground sounds and showcasing local artists.
“On this incarnation of the show we are trying to expose our audience to hip-hop at its purest,” said Montoya. “We try to stray away from playing music that’s already played a million times a day on commercial radio.”
Almost every week, a new guest artist will drop by the show to feature some of their music as well as music that inspires their craft. They also participate in an interview to inform listeners about themselves and their future plans with music. Previous guests to the show have been Fiend, Chels, Noon Da Yung’n, Marcel P. Black, ED Nix and Southeastern’s own D-Lain.
“I’m just trying to put the good music back on the airwaves, especially the stuff that’s recorded like an hour away,” McNulty said.
As an added bonus, the show’s YouTube channel, KSLU Mic Check, has an array of interviews with the artists they have had on air.  In tradition, their guests leave the viewer with a special raw a capella taping.
“We’ve been getting a lot of love. Micah Jones and Miranda Miller are two other students that have approached us and wanted to help out with production,” said McNulty.
Big things seem to be in store for “Mic Check.” Many guests are currently in the works for upcoming spots on the show, including the up and coming Kevin Gates and Dee-1.
“My favorite thing about being a host is the music and exposing real hip-hop instead of what the commercial stations play constantly. We’re able to show that hip-hop isn’t just about cars, women, drugs or violence,” said Montoya.
Tune in and check out this week’s edition of “Mic Check” this Thursday, featuring Haley, who is a freshman at Southeastern and a member of the All City Champs. “Mic Check” can be heard on KSLU 90.9 FM, or on their very own app available for iPhone or Android.

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