Local band gets new member and tracks

Local band Voice of the Enemy has inducted  a new member from the university, Tyler Laiche. They also have an upcoming performance in Baton Rouge in February.  They will be performing their new songs “Burn” and “Heretic” at this performance. They have been a band since 2011, but have frequently switched out members. They have a mixed rock style influenced by many  popular bands. 
Courtesy of Voice of the Enemy 

University student Tyler Laiche has joined local band, Voice of the Enemy, comprised of vocalist and lead guitarist Hayden Kimball, bassist Luke Peebles, drummer Sebastian Martin and Laiche as the new rhythm guitarist.

“Tyler is a great guy and a fantastic guitarist,” said Peebles. “It only took him a week to learn all of our songs and two weeks to perfect them well enough to play a show run. He fits in so well with us that I sometimes forget he’s a new member. It feels like he’s been in the band for years. I think he was a wonderful rendition to the band.”

The band is now preparing for an upcoming performance in Baton Rouge on Feb. 10 at The Woodshed where they will play their new songs “Burn” and “Heretics.”




“We’re looking to different influences with ‘Burn,’ particularly bands like Five Finger Death Punch and Skillet,” said Kimball. “It’s a heavy ballad about coming to terms with the fact that we are not perfect, and deals with themes like accepting your own mortality, coming to terms with who you are, and getting yourself in order before your number is up. The song follows a man on his deathbed who’s recalling all the vile things he has done in his life. Just when he’s about to give up hope, he suddenly realizes that he’s lived an okay life despite his transgressions. He finally realizes that he can start again in the next life and dies a happy, dignified death.”

The band started in 2011 and has had a few member changes throughout the years.

“Hayden and our old drummer Brendan were pretty good friends, and they crafted the idea of starting a band,” said Peebles. “Then, Hayden came to school one day to ask me if I would be interested in playing rhythm guitar. I told him absolutely and that I couldn’t wait. After one practice, we saw that I was not a very good guitarist, so I was to step down. We originally had a female bassist, but due to the fact that she never had time to practice, she wasn’t cutting it. So, they called me back up to see if I wanted to play bass. Hayden then called up one of his old friends to see if he wanted to play rhythm guitar.”

Laiche joined the band last year when their old rhythm guitarist left.

“I met Tyler Laiche at school here at SELU,” said Kimball. “He came into the band late last year. Our last guitarist left the band due to creative differences in August. Tyler auditioned and instantly got the gig. He’s a fantastic guitar player, a great friend and loyal bandmate. When he and I jammed the first time, there was an instant connection, almost like he and I were the same player. You can’t top that when it comes to guitarists.”

The band likes to keep their fan base updated. To listen to their music, visit soundcloud.com/voice-of-the-enemy. For updates of what is coming up for the band, visit their Facebook page at Voice of the Enemy.

“We have a Facebook page at Voice of the Enemy that we post all our updates on, a Soundcloud page where you can hear a preview of our newest album, ‘Gunslinger,’ and a Reverbnation page that automatically updates our Facebook page when we have a show coming up,” said Kimball.