Kerber’s performance kicks off second week of Guitar Fest

Patrick Kerber, instructor of guitar performed a solo concert on Tuesday, Mar. 21, at 7:30 p.m. This performance was for the second week of Guitar Fest, which is organized by Kerber .
Annie Goodman/The Lion’s Roar

The second week of Guitar Fest continued with a performance by Instructor of Guitar and Festival Coordinator Patrick Kerber. 

Kerber was satisfied that his performance was well received by the audience members.

“The people liked it,” said Kerber. “That’s what counts. As a performer, you’re never satisfied. You never get everything you want. It was fine. The people liked it, so it’s fine.”




The performance took place on Tuesday, Mar. 21 at 7:30 p.m. in the Pottle Auditorium.

Students in attendance enjoyed the show. Sara Cage, a sophomore vocal education music major liked watching a professor perform. 

“It was wonderful,” said Cage. “I think it’s wonderful for students to come and see faculty actually perform their primary instrument.”

In between each set, Kerber would give a brief history and story about each piece.

“These are standard pieces on a repertoire that I’ve known for quite a while,” said Kerber. “You pick and choose. You reach a certain point in your life where you just start to play what you like to play. When I play at a university, I like to do a program that’s sort of historical. I start in the Renaissance, I skipped the Baroque this time, and just move through classical, romantic, up to modern to present a historical for the school. It’s the academic side of it.”

Kerber has also been playing guitar for about 52 years, beginning when he was a child.

Kerber has been teaching guitar for 46 years and prides himself on his knowledge of the instrument.

“I could write a book on that one,” said Kerber. “I mean, it’s just the whole overall thing of just watching people grow and succeed, seeing talent develop, helping people to find themselves. And, there’s so much to be gotten from studying music all the way from self-discipline to just creating your own joy for yourself. It’s a big ball of wax teaching.”

Guitar Fest is a month long event with performances once a week. Guitar Fest continues Mar. 28 in the Pottle Auditorium with All Styles Night.

“Next is the All Styles Night, next Tuesday,” said Kerber. “That’ll be fun if you come to that one. That’s where everyone gets to play whatever they want. There’ll be a little bit of classical. There’ll be jazz. There’ll be pop. There’ll be a bluegrass group coming from Ponchatoula. Three of the Impaired Faculties will be playing, so you’ll hear some of their stuff. It’s a mixed bang, little bit of everything.”