Rees releases a new work inspired by the beauty of ordinary things in life

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Jenn Rees has taken a step back from performing acoustic songs live to release “These Words I Offer You.”
Courtesy of Jenn Rees

Former student Jenn Rees has created a creative work of literature intended to give readers an honest perspective on the ordinary things that are objects of her fascination.

“The book is a manifesto of observations, thoughts and musings about life, love, loss and everything in between,” said Rees. “Each element of this work strives to provide an honest narration of the intricate process of self-improvement and an imaginative look at the significant force of the existential unknown.”

According to Rees, “These Words I Offer You [A Collection of Conscious Runes]” is sectioned into five thematic areas.

“Observations of existence, all these things that hurt, the art of being, notes on love and the sickness of sadness,” said Rees. “It covers a wide range of subject matter from humor, hope and the dynamics of caring, to the debilitating reality of mental illness and substance abuse.”

Rees admits that although she did not have a clear inspiration for the book, she began to gather creative writing that she had created.

“I write on a daily basis and started putting all my conscious excerpts together,” said Rees. “I realized I had enough material to release as a collection, so I did.”

Rees enjoys writing about the ordinary moments of her life, and discovering unique details about them.

“I try to take mundane moments and crack them open to reveal the magic hidden inside,” said Rees. “Most of my inspiration comes from interactions with the people I am close with.”

Rees cites the works of Jeanette Winterson, Brian Swimme and Chuck Palahniuk as some of her influences.

She shares what she expects readers to gather after reading her work.

“My goal is that readers find the hope I’ve laced in between the lines,” said Rees. “I want them to find a sense of connection.”

Although Rees often performs as an acoustic singer locally, she expresses that she prefers to keep her options open for the future.

“These Words I Offer You” can be purchased on Amazon.

“I don’t know what the future holds,” said Rees. “One day at a time is how I’m making it.”

Rees offers a simple message to young, creative writers who dream of publishing their own work: “My advice is simple, keep writing.”