Gypsy Hill Boutique Grand Open

Shoppers examine the jewelry and clothing the Gypsy Hill Boutique has to offer. The new owners of the boutique, Zeringue and McGary aim to have about 75 percent of their items made locally or in the U.S. Zachary Araki/The Lion’s Roar

Gypsy Hill Boutique opened under new owners who hope that the investment honors their late sisters.

The boutique reopened on Wednesday, Feb. 14, and the grand reopening was held on Saturday, Feb. 17. Alumnae Tyra McGary and Jill Zeringue decided to purchase Gypsy Hill Boutique after their sisters’ passings.

“Jill, the co-owner, and I have been great friends for over 20 years,” said McGary. “Unfortunately and regretfully last November, I lost my sister to cancer, and two weeks later, her sister was brutally murdered. So for us, this is a dream come true to be in our alma mater community with a fun, festive boutique and showcase an opportunity to bring awareness to the things that were dear to our sisters. So for instance, we’ll have a signature necklace, and proceeds from that necklace will go to domestic violence nonprofits as well as breast cancer research and funding.”




Since the doors closed on Dec. 31, the new owners revamped the store.

“We are bringing in more U.S. designs and brands, local jewelry designers and artists,” said McGary. “We want to be a platform for a community, and an opportunity for them to showcase their works and their designs as well as bringing in novelty items.”

McGary explained what shoppers can expect to see at the boutique.

“It’s gonna be a mix of fashion brands for the young and more progressive, sophisticated shopper,” said McGary. “We like to say the style will be welcoming tweens to the recycled teenager like ourselves, women over 40 that still have that fashion savvy style. So, it would be a great boutique for a mom to shop with her daughter and feel good about the way they look.”

Cindy Marange attended the opening to support her daughter Zeringue.

“I think it’s just precious,” said Marange. “I think they’re gonna do really well here. I think they have a great variety, and people are gonna love it.”

Nette Clark shared why she attended the opening.

“Tyra’s my foster sister,” said Clark. “We haven’t done anything together in a while. I’ve been busy with work. She’s been having some personal things going on. I’ve been out of town, out of state. I’m now back. I thought it would be an excellent outing, get in, see the clothes, and see what she has to offer. She’s always been a little different, but I really like the setup she has here.”

Clark discussed the placement of Gypsy Hill Boutique in Hammond.

“In this particular area of Hammond, it’s very good to have a boutique like this, especially with a young, minority owner,” said Clark. “It would be nice to have more boutiques in this area of Hammond. I’m happy for her. I think she’s doing real well. Best wishes to her, much success, much love.”

McGary shared her ambition for the boutique.

“Our hopes are to diversify the shopping experience, give women a comfortable and safe environment to try new fashion then not feel pressured or have that big-box experience,” said McGary. “We are going to offer private shopping as well as availability to work with our personal stylist to give you that look that you were hoping to create or that change that some women like to make each year.”

Growing beyond Hammond lies in McGary’s plans.

“We plan to open additional stores in other communities similar to Hammond in the future so that our customer could have the look that they see on TV or see in magazines and not be afraid to try it out and make it affordable for them as well,” said McGary.

McGary aims for 75 percent of the items carried in the boutique to be made in the U.S. or handmade by local designers.

McGary said, “We want to be that platform so that the shopper that doesn’t feel comfortable shopping online knows they have a place that they can go and shop for quality fashion, jewelry or shoes and know that they have purchased a brand either handmade right in their hometown or made right here in the USA.”

Being a part of the community is another priority for Gypsy Hill Boutique.

“We want to have a bigger community presence than it had before,” said McGary. “We will be active in more community endeavors that are dear to our hearts and to those of our sisters and just be that force of providing that enhanced self-esteem and the ability to feel comfortable to shop again regardless of what size you are.”