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Never give up

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It has taken me four and a half years to reach this point in my collegiate career. I have made so many friends and have so many memories. Even though not everything has gone exactly as planned, I will still say that I have had one of the best college experiences possible.

I have seen other seniors give a lot of advice about what undergraduates should do while they are still in school. If I am to give any advice, it is to never give up doing what you want to do.

In my junior year, I got put on academic probation. I was not a very good student, and I gave my other extracurricular activities higher priority. But, I had communication professors, friends, family and an amazing girlfriend who encouraged me to pursue my goals.

Last year, I had to stop my training to become an editor at the school newspaper. I wanted the position very much, but I had to focus on my grades to make sure that I reached the point that I am at now.

This past semester, I failed a class that I have to take in the summer. It hurts to see one more obstacle get in my way from completing my degree, but I’m not going to give up.

As long as you are alive, you can keep moving forward. I am so thankful for the people who would not let me fall in despair when I did not live up to my own expectations.

God blessed me with wonderful parents who support me no matter what. The people that I have worked with these past three years have been the best. They have influenced me in positive ways with their colorful personalities.

The entire communication department has motivated me each year to be bold and to get involved as much as I can with the profession of journalism. Dr. Joe Mirando and Dr. Amber Narro pushed me and never let me settle for less than what I am capable of achieving. The success that my friends in communication have achieved inspires me and shows me what can be accomplished if you work hard enough for it.

If there is a student organization that does things in your department, I suggest that you join that student organization. I am so glad that I joined Press Club, an organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge of journalists. The networking opportunities and the friends that I made have helped to make me into a professional journalist.  

But, mostly I thank Jesus because without him, I would not be here and would not have this peace that surpasses all understanding. It’s because of him that I can be patient and not be afraid to fall down. Even when I do, he will pick me up.

I have enjoyed my time at this university. The skills and lessons that I have learned from writing for Student Publications these past three years are irreplaceable. If anyone is interested in journalism, I suggest working for this publication.

I know that it will not get any easier as I continue down this journey as a journalist and becoming an adult, but I am determined to succeed. 

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