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Coronavirus, air pollution and climate change

Coronavirus, air pollution and climate change

Josh Archote, Staff Reporter

May 7, 2020

Due to sharp reductions in air and car travel and industrial activity, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a decline in the burning of fossil fuels and carbon emissions, leading to a significant decrease in air pollution around the globe. With 3.4 million infections and over 200,000 deaths, the pand...

Australian wildfire reaches past the country and into the global ecosystem

Trinity Brown

Trinity Brown, Staff Reporter

February 9, 2020

The bushfire season in Australia is usually from December to March, but this past year it surprised Australian residents by coming early in September in regions all over New South Wales. The fires got more destructive by November, destroying homes while growing in size. As of February 2020, there...

Setting a Green Example

As the potential effects of climate change become more grim, it is important to do what you can to help the environment.

Annie Goodman, Editor-in-Chief

June 13, 2019

In case you have not heard yet, the Earth is pretty much doomed. Earlier this year, news reports stated that 1 million species are expected to go extinct due to humans. With record breaking natural disasters happening regularly, I believe we have long since reached the point that you can no longer deny...