The Lion's Roar

More important to art than skill

Excellence in a craft can require the artist's confidence. This can extend from receiving criticism to experimentation.

Maiah Woodring, Staff Reporter

April 2, 2019

There exists an unsung hero in artistry who cannot be found in a supply store or on a craftsman’s workbench. From sculpture to theatre, this hero is expressed in every movement of the body, and the factor, confidence, distinguishes expert artists from beginners. Elaine Gulley, a senior art major, expre...

A professor’s passion and pursuit for printmaking

Ernest Milsted uses one of the printmaking machines located in Clark Hall room 303. His passion for photography, printmaking and the creativity of his students serves as an inspiration for his art.

Jacob Summerville, Staff Reporter

February 5, 2019

From film to photography to printmaking, Ernest Milsted has found a career as an associate professor of printmaking at the university to be a great fit for his interests and skills. A native of Houma, Louisiana, Milsted attended Nicholls State University for his undergraduate career. He was indecisiv...

Relaxing and crafting

Students can relax during the week by creating art.

Jacob Summerville, Staff Reporter

September 11, 2018

From coloring to ceramics, creating crafts can bring joy to students’ busy schedules. In an article published by the Cleveland Clinic, Scott Bea, clinical psychologist, shared how simply coloring positively affects the brain. “Adult coloring requires modest attention focused outside of self-awareness,”...