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Netflix’s “Cuties” is sad reminder of over-sexualized society

Netflix’s “Cuties” is sad reminder of over-sexualized society

Dylan Meche, Staff Reporter

September 26, 2020

If you have spent any time on social media over the past few weeks, then you are aware that Netflix’s release of the French film “Mignonnes,” titled “Cuties” in the United States, has sparked controversy. The film is centered around an 11-year-old immigrant in France named Amy who joins a...

OSE director shares screen with Jamie Foxx in Netflix film

OSE director Marjorie Parker speaks to the audience during the 2019 DSA Convocation ceremony.

Symiah Dorsey, Staff Reporter

September 2, 2020

University staff members have many passions outside of their nine to fives, some of which include starring in Netflix films. Marjorie Parker, director of student engagement, shared the screen with Jamie Foxx in the new Netflix movie “Project Power.” The New Orleans based film trended number one...

What makes Tiger King so good?

What makes Tiger King so good?

Austin Dewease, Staff Reporter

April 16, 2020

From captive tigers to hired hitmen, the Netflix documentary Tiger King has become the most talked-about show in America. There have been countless debates and memes spreading like wildfire across social media lately, and for people who have not seen the show or do not understand the hype surrounding...

Finding the differences with streaming and cable

Leigh Moore, a sophomore biological sciences major, likes to view the Netflix app on her laptop or Amazon Fire TV Stick daily.   Even with the influx of streaming and on-demand options in television, Tim Ingram, vice president and general manager of WVUE FOX 8, believes that online streaming will not be the end of television.

Maiah Woodring, Staff Reporter

March 19, 2019

With over 25 million subscribers, Hulu recently surpassed Comcast, the largest cable company in the United States, in January 2019, according to an article by Andy Meek, a writer for the Boy Genius Report. In addition, Netflix maintained its dominance in the online streaming market by expanding to ...