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Being involved on campus

Being involved on campus

Madeline Cancienne, Staff Reporter

March 19, 2019

While college offers opportunities to make connections, further education and figure out an identity, students’ experiences may depend on how much effort each student dedicates.  For some people, college involves going to school and going back home. For others, it is where relationships are cult...

The creation of lifelong friendships

The creation of lifelong friendships

Johnathan Zeringue, Staff Reporter

March 11, 2019

With the transition from high school to college, incoming students may seek a variety of means to create new friendships. Numerous organizations, such as the Campus Activities Board, can help students find friends and make connections. CAB Student Membership Manager Nicole Redmond, a junior history major, s...

Campus Activities Board recruits volunteers

Maiah Woodring, Staff Reporter

January 30, 2019

The Campus Activities Board organized an interest meeting for students to gather information about the organization. "CAB and Chill" was held on Jan. 29 at 5 p.m. where students inquired about the university’s activity planning board. Nicole Redmond, student membership manager of CAB, explained...