The Lion's Roar

Creating a club sport

The university’s club sports range from a running club to a lacrosse club. Participation in a club sport can bring together students with similar recreational interests like tennis or rugby. Starting a club sport begins with a meeting with the Office for Student Engagement followed by paperwork.

Johnathan Zeringue, Staff Reporter

March 19, 2019

Starting a club sport requires active engagement between its members and administration in order to produce a successful program. Creating a club sport on campus begins by meeting with the Office for Student Engagement. After discussing the club’s purpose and other details, a new student organization packe...

Running through college

Andrew Belgard, a senior chemistry major, goes for an afternoon run in Friendship Circle. Exercise like running can boost mood due to an increase in endorphin levels along with the muscle workout.

February 26, 2019

Students on campus run to improve their physical health and social relationships. An enjoyment for the exercise and a desire for a close-knit community prompted Reagan Lee, a sophomore biological sciences major, to establish the Southeastern Running Club. “I wanted it to be something that was...