Paint party after rain party

Residence Hall Association organized Paint Party as a celebratory event during Welcome Week. Annie Goodman/The Lion's Roar

As part of Welcome Week, Residence Hall Association hosted an event called Paint Party.

After being postponed due to rain, this event took place Thursday, Aug. 17 at 7 p.m.

This event was held in hopes of students getting to know other students.




“You can meet new people, especially as freshmen,” said Elizabeth Helfrich, a freshman psychology major. “You get to know more people easily.”

RHA hosts this event as a celebration of moving in on campus.

“I think it’s a great way to celebrate everyone moving in and getting to Southeastern,” said Kendra Hall, co-vice president for public relations on the RHA Executive Board. “This may be the first big event that students come to at SLU, and we hope that everyone has a positive experience and meets lots of new people.”

Multiple organizations have been working on this event since the Spring 2017 semester.

“We have been planning this since I got here in March,” said Hall. “It’s taken countless hours of work by the Residence Hall Association Executive Board and all the resident assistants that are a part of RHA. Also, we have great support from University Housing. It takes all of that coming together to plan something this big.”

RHA uses events such as these to promote and advertise thir organization.

“That residents have fun,” said Hall. “They should enjoy this event. That’s the whole purpose. Secondary, we want to grow RHA as an organization and this will be our introduction to the residents on campus on what we can offer.”

Junior nursing major Alyssa Segretto brought her friend Jenna Haddican, a freshman undecided major as a way to relax after studying.

“I was studying all day for nursing, and I needed a break, so just a little fun,” said Segretto.