Will paint for pride

Students stop in between classes to paint with friends.
Annie Goodman/ The Lion's Roar

Campus Activities Board hosted an event called “Painting on the Go” to provide an activity for students to have fun while also boosting university morale.

“We have ‘Painting on the Go,’ which is where students can come for free and paint different images that represent Southeastern pride,” said Katlyn Daigle, vice president of membership of CAB. “We have lions. We have Louisiana. We have Strawberry Stadium and fleur-de-lis to build Southeastern pride and help students form connections and bond with people as they’re painting at the tables.”

The event was held Wednesday, Sept. 6 at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and offered students a chance to paint on a canvas with pre-stenciled designs.




“I love it,” said Taylor DeBourg, a junior athletic training major. “This is my first semester here, so I’m used to activities and stuff like this, but I hadn’t seen it yet. Today was like, ‘Yay, I get to paint.’”

The goals of this event were to foster university pride among students while also improving social habits.

“We hope to get Southeastern pride,” said Daigle. “That’s why all of our images have Southeastern related things. We’re also hoping that students who come to the event form bonds and make friends because they’re all standing around a table doing the same thing.”

Some students found this event to be a good way to unwind from classes.

“I like art,” said Robyn Lovetro, a freshman information technology major. “I thought it was a lot of fun and really relaxing. It gives you something away from class so you’re not so stressed out.”

Brenna Gay, a freshman nursing major found this event to be especially relaxing after an exam.

“I actually really like it because I just came from a psychology exam,” said Gay. “This is much needed relaxation after the stress.”

CAB hosts a variety of events throughout each semester to appeal to all kinds of students.

“We really wanted to reach the more artistic sides of students,” said Daigle. “We do a number of events. Some of them are sportsy. Some of them are social gatherings. We’ve already had our social event, which included laser tag, so it had a kind of more sportsy side to it as well. That was ‘CAB After Dark.’ Now we’re switching to a more artistic side to reach those types of students.”

Gay believes events such as this help students to enjoy coming to school.

“I feel like a lot of people just go to school, get their classes over with and then they leave,” said Gay. “With stuff like this, you can actually get to meet new people and get a new feel for the campus with every different activity that’s going on. It makes you actually like coming to school. I’m not very artistic, so I’m very envious of other people’s paintings. It’s very cool to me.”