Miss SLU Pageant opens applications

Campus Activities Board Coordinator Nick Elliot, far left, gives a presentation to the candidates interested in becoming  Miss Southeastern.  Prakriti Adhikari/The Lion’s Roar

2016 Miss Southeastern Alexis Menard, back,  presented the crown to 2017 Miss Southeastern Kristyn Gary during last year’s pageant.  File Photo/The Lion’s Roar




Campus Activities Board coordinator Nick Elliott met with students interested in the Miss Southeastern pageant, on Sept. 27, to provide information about the event that takes place on Dec. 1. The interested students were informed about the qualifications, deadlines and paperwork needed to apply.

In the meeting facilitated by Elliott, girls interested in the title participated. In the time frame of approximately 40 minutes, the candidates clarify themselves to be fully confident to enter the pageant. 

“This was for individuals who are fully unaware of what happens during the pageant,” said Elliot. “We went over the criteria and break down of what happens during it. This was to give them expectations ahead of time so that they are aware of what they are entering into.” 

He also clarified that it was an opportunity for students to come over in person and ask questions if they have any.

Following the culture of choosing Miss Southeastern, the applications for the pageant are already open.

Candidates interested in completing the application must be enrolled as a full- time student, must be between ages of 17 and 24 and must be a United States citizen. Candidates must also be enrolled in the university for the entire year of the reign. For learning in detail about the criteria, students should visit the CAB page on the university website.

The pageant has been happening for many years now, and follows the same guidelines for the judging process that are set forth by the Miss America Organization.  The candidates entering the competition are expected to be able to meet the time commitment and job responsibilities as set forth by the program. Prospective Miss SLU will be judged on criteria such as lifestyle and fitness in swimsuit, evening wear, talent, private interview and on-stage question.

For the event happening on the last Friday of the semester, students still have time to complete the application.

“Applications are closing on October 16, so that gives all the women plenty of time to prepare and get everything they would need for the pageant, practicing things and stuff like that,” said Elliott.

There are a few things that will be done differently this year for the Miss Southeastern pageant.

“The event has been held in the Pottle building for several years,” said Elliott. “This year we are moving to the theater in D Vickers. That is going to be a major change because the stage is going to be a lot bigger, and the setup is going to be different. However, the overall way the pageant happens is going to remain the same because we have to meet the criteria set by Miss Louisiana and Miss America Organization.”

Senior management major Alexis Craven participated in the Miss SLU Interest meeting and initially thought of entering the competition but could not do so as she could not meet the criteria of being enrolled for the entire year of reign.

“Seeing my friends participating for the title last year encouraged me to be initially interested in the title,” said Craven. 

The candidates are strongly encouraged to complete the application, and compete to be the pride of university, and earn the title of “Miss SLU.”