Experience the Lion spirit

The university holds events like “Freshman Success Day” to welcome new students on campus. File Photo/The Lion’s Roar

“Lion Pride Preview” gives prospective students an opportunity to explore and learn about the campus. The Admissions Office is organizing the event scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 3 in cooperation with different faculties.

“Lion Pride Preview” is held twice every semester with a goal to educate potential students and their parents about the campus life, admissions process, academic degrees and financial aid. Assistant Director of Orientation and Events Amanda Hammonds gave insight to the importance of the program.

‘“Lion Pride Preview’ is an event for prospective students to come get a taste of Southeastern life and learn about all the opportunities that Southeastern can offer them,” said Hammonds. “We do give them an opportunity to meet the departments. They get to learn about the specific resources that are available to them. We also offer campus tours all throughout the day.”




The event is scheduled to run throughout the day beginning at 8:30 a.m. 

“It begins with the welcome in our Student Union Ballroom,” said Hammonds. “Then, we have our Student Welcome. So, two or three of our current students welcome the students, their parents and their guests. Then, Dr. Crain has the university welcome. ”

Hammonds explained that the event continues as students are divided according to their majors and given a tour to different locations around campus based on their majors and their interest.

All the participants will also be provided a free lunch in the Mane Dish.

Hammonds explained how the coming preview will be different from the past “Lion Pride Previews.” 

“Now, we offer sessions,” said Hammonds. “So, like a student wants to learn more about getting involved on campus, they’ll go to the Office for Student Engagement session. If they are interested in Honors Program, they can go to that session. Before, it was like everyone did everything together. Now, they can pick and choose what they want. So, it’s more catered to what they want.”

“Living on Campus,” “Study Abroad,” “Get Involved,” “Honors Program” and “Paying for College” are some of the sessions that will take place among many. “Paying for College,” according to Hammonds, is the most popular session during the event.

The Admissions Office is expecting over 1,000 participants including 370 students and 703 guests who have registered for the event.

Hammonds explained how the university is preparing for the welcome event.

“Different faculties have their own sessions,” said Hammonds. “It’s a campus-wide recruiting initiative hosted by the Office of Admissions.”

The second event for this semester is scheduled to happen on Friday, April 13.

“Typically, we do two in the spring and two in the fall,” said Hammonds. “Of the two happening this semester, one is on Friday and one is Saturday.”

At the previous “Lion Pride Preview,” about 470 students participated in the event. Hammonds shared her experience about the past “Lion Pride Preview” event.

“Some students are deciding early, and they come to an event in fall, the fall before their first year of college,” said Hammonds. “Some are still deciding where to go, so we have the events in two points of time. Last time we had a student who had decided on attending another university, and they just wanted to come to our ‘Scholars Showcase’ because they wanted to see what it was all about. And after the event, they decided to come to Southeastern.”

More information regarding future events put on by the Admissions Office can be accessed at http://www.southeastern.edu/admin/admissions/events/.