Escape to Neverland with RHA

The Residence Hall Association will be hosting a prom for students.

The theme for the prom is “Escape to Neverland” and is free for students to attend. The prom is scheduled to be held on March 27 in the Student Union Grand Ballroom.

President of RHA Amanda Costales explained the inspiration for a student prom.

“The reason behind all of RHA’s events and programs, is to get students involved with events on campus as well as to help students make new connections and have a good time,” said Costales.

Costales explained that the prom will be geared towards the college students.

“Although prom is generally done in high school, our prom is going to have some similarities to high school proms, but we’re also trying to make it more grown-up since we understand that students attending are not high school students,” said Costales.

Attire for the event is encouraged to be formal. However, students will not be turned away if they are in regular clothing.

Costales explained why attending the event is important for students to make new connections and experience prom.

“Students should participate because it’s a great opportunity to have fun and spend time with friends as well as meet some new friends,” said Costales. “It’s an opportunity for students that might not have had a chance to go to a prom to get the experience.”