Health Center offers flu shots for students

Even though it is still warm outside and the leaves have not changed colors, the current season is technically fall, and with that comes flu season as well. Students can receive their own flu vaccinations right now in the University Health Center for $20.
“We are by appointments only, and there are plenty of appointments available,” said nurse practitioner Michelle Reed. “We have 120 that we ordered this year.”
According to Reed, if more students come in wishing to be vaccinated for the flu and supplies run low, it only takes a week to order more.
“We based the amount this year on what we gave last year,” said Reed.
Some areas of campus can be filled with germs like stair wells, vending machines, door handles and library computers. Students should remember to keep their hands clean and stay away from crowded areas if they  want to avoid the flu and cannot afford the vaccination.
“Keep your hands washed. If somebody’s coughing, then you need to kind of move away from them,” Reed said. “Stay away from crowds. The best way to avoid the flu though is the vaccination, because it’s in the air.”
Once a person receives the flu vaccination they may still catch the flu, but it will not be so bad as to have caught it unprotected. The flu does spread very quickly, and once it begins moving, it covers a “region for three to four weeks.”
“You can still get the flu with the vaccination,” said Reed. “It creates antibodies against the flu so that if you do come in contact with the flu and develop it, it’s typically a much milder case. Instead of being really sick for a week you’re only sick for a couple of days.”
The flu shots will be available until they are gone. Make your appointment today but visiting the Health Center online at If you’re having trouble finding their link on the new Southeastern website, click the Campus Life tab on the green bar of the home page, scroll down and look for University Health Center in blue on the left side under Helpful Links. For more information call 549-5718.