New web address expands access

Students and faculty now have a quick and easy way to access their important campus information straight from their phone, iPad or other “smart” device. Total Mobile Access is a mobile Web site that can be accessed through any connection to the Internet by going to http:/

The main purpose of the site is for use through mobile devices, but it can also be accessed on a computer. It is a slightly altered version of the Southeastern app, but instead of being only for iPhones, it is available for use on any smart device.

“It’s not an app; it’s so much more than an app,” said Chief Information Officer Mike Asoodeh.

The site largely cuts down on load time and makes it more convenient to use than a full version of a webpage. It takes the high traffic areas of LEONet, Blackboard and the Southeastern main page and places them in one handy location. The system provides quick links to the course catalogue, a campus map, news updates and a campus directory. It also provides speedy access to the PeopleSoft login, which allows a student to check their application status, financial information, grades and also to view schedule holds.

The mobile version of the course catalogue even provides more information than is available on the full version on LEONet. Along with simply stating if a class is open or closed, it also shows how many open seats are left in the section. This simplified version is quick and easy to use, directly imparting the important information about a class.

The campus map allows users to choose what building he or she is looking for and the site identifies it on the map. The resolution of the campus map is unfortunately quite low on a mobile device, but it is still useful to a student lost at school. The section of the site also provides a map view and a satellite view of campus.

The news link provides a quick list of the newest Southeastern press releases. Rather than slowing down load time with the full article, it shows a headline and a small blurb about the story. If a user wants to know more information about the story, the link to the full press release is also available.

The directory makes it simple to quickly find the telephone number or e-mail address for a student, faculty member, office or organization.

This type of technology of mobile access is something “few universities are doing,” said Asoodeh. “In fact, other universities are looking at what we’re doing because this is truly innovative.