Rock N’ Roar goes 15 strong

Young and old alike gathered for a day filled with music, food, games and educational information about Southeastern during the 15th annual Rock N’ Roar.

Held last Saturday from 8 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. at Southeastern’s War Memorial Student Union, the event focused mainly on the visiting high school students who were here for the District Literary Rally, which is an academic competition for various pre-selected students.

“I think the Southeastern Rock N’ Roar is very eventful. It has great food, great people, great entertainment and is extremely enjoyable,” said Brad Duncan, a senior from Bogalusa High School.  “I’ve learned about a couple fraternities and some other things that helped me make up my mind for which college I want to go to, and that’s Southeastern.”

Among the games and activities were several inflatables, face painting and dunk tanks, as well as art, baseball and dance camps for the children.

“I think it’s fun because there’s a lot of stuff to do and a lot of people to meet and see,” said Katelyn Marks, a junior from Northlake Christian High School. “There’s more here than I thought there was. I painted a maggot and made a flower and it was really fun. It’s so nice here.”

A large variety of booths were set up throughout the field, representing many of the organizations and informing prospective students about what the university has to offer.

“It’s informing students about all the different organizations and helps them learn more about Southeastern and what we do,” said Rachel Gernand, a freshman communication sciences and disorders major. “It’s also a good place for people to mingle. There’s food and different activities and stuff to do.”

The field was filled with high school students from several of the nearby high schools, some of whom thoroughly enjoyed the educational aspects of the event.  

“It’s a really great event. It has awesome food and a lot of educational stuff, especially in the science area,” said Jarrod Bernard, a junior from Hahnville High School. “I thought the science stuff was all pretty interesting.”

Other students simply enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the food available at several booths.

“I think it’s pretty cool. I enjoy rocking and roaring,” said Collin Ahmad, a sophomore from Catholic High School. “I liked all the food here, and I think the campus is really nice, too.”

There were also several stands with different arts and crafts being sold. Nancy Demarco was selling handcrafted woodworks and experiencing Rock N’ Roar for the first time.

“I think it was wonderful. I was very impressed with how respectful and nice the students are. They all had the nicest things to say,” said Demarco. “I wanted to see what this was all about, being my first time, and I thought it was wonderful. I totally enjoyed it, and the food was delicious.”