Get to know the new CAB coordinator

Todd McElroy was recently hired as the coordinator for the Campus Activites Board (CAB). McElroy sat down with The Lion’s Roar to discuss his background, new position and goals for CAB.

The Lion’s Roar: Where are you from?

McElroy: I am originally from Pennsylvania, but I am coming here from Houston.  I’ve had stops in Virginia and Kansas along the way.

Where did you graduate and what degree did you receive?

I graduated from Clearing University.  I have a bachelor’s degree in history and then a bachelor’s degree in education.

What were you doing at your last position and did you have any accomplishments?

I did a campus program at the last institution I was at and I’ve worked in a lot of different areas dealing with students.  I’ve enjoyed it along the way because it gives me a nice perspective on things.  I’ve done admissions work before, I’ve worked in athletics before, I’ve worked with intramurals sports before, I’ve worked in housing before. So I have a diverse background I can pull from which helps me with programming because I like to try and focus on the institution as a whole and I know that these several little parts make up that whole.

What about Southeastern drew you to the university?

It seems to be growing right now and, I know with the new Student Union project coming up, it’s a very vibrant campus, a very alive campus that is wonderful for doing programs with students who want to be active and want to be involved.  It’s a step up for me size wise that provides me with more opportunities.

Why did you want the coordinator position in CAB?

I like working with students.  It lets me interact with them on several levels and CAB is a wonderful opportunity to set the tone on campus.  It is an energetic place, I get to be creative and it’s very diverse.  You get to work in a lot of different areas with many different things.

Do you think its necessary for students to be involved on campus?

I think it enhances the college experience.  You come to college to get an education, definitely.  But, you also need to grow, you need to learn how to function in the real world, you have many more freedoms and more responsibilities.  Your mom isn’t going to be there in the morning to get you up and go to class.  Being involved creates a more fulfilling college experience as opposed to just coming to class and going home.  You’re missing out on so many opportunities, different experiences and learning opportunities that you have.

What do you think of the students who are currently involved in CAB, so far?

I’ve been very impressed with them so far.  I like the dynamics of the group.  I think each one brings something different to the table, which helps us out in being able to reach out to the entire student population as opposed to different groups.  I would never want just a cookie cutter mold of one type of person because you then get pigeonholed in where your vision goes.  I believe the more diverse the group, the more it enhances the things we can do.

How was your first week?

It’s been very enjoyable, it really has.  I’m trying to hit the ground running, but I’m in a very enviable position because everyone who has already been here has been doing a really wonderful job.  They’ve had everything under control and I get introduced to everything that is going on and just learn as I go.

Do you have any last thoughts for students?

Get involved.  I have a lot of wonderful ideas, CAB is a wonderful group and we’re always open to suggestions.  We also have a text message service, so just text us at 68398 so that you’ll know what we’re doing and what’s happening.  Come out and enjoy college, this is a great time in your life, so take advantage of it.