School website to be remodeled

The Office of Technology is currently in the process of changing the content management system from Serena Collage to OU Campus, which will lead to an updated Web site.

The content management system known as OU Campus, which is operated by OmniUpdate, has many features.  The system is widely used by colleges and universities around the nation.

“OU Campus has updated editing tools and features, allowing departmental web publishers to easily edit their websites while adding in new features, such as social media posts, web forms and image galleries,” said Amber DeJean, web content management system coordinator.  “OU Campus also has the ability to publish on demand, meaning Web page updates will go out faster than with our current system.”

The process of migrating the websites to the new content management system will take 6-8 months, beginning in late October, according to DeJean.  The Office of Technology suggests that maintenance and cleanup be done on websites to ensure a smooth transition.

“OU Campus is more of the ‘back end’ of the website so the changes will primarily been seen by individuals who maintain departmental websites,” said DeJean.  “Once the initial migration is complete, we will begin utilizing some of the new features available in OU Campus which will be visible to viewers of our website.”

According to DeJean, the Office of Technology will be assisting the departments to make sure that each department website is properly migrated and to help train them in the use of OU Campus.  Service should not be interrupted as the transition to the new content management system is made.

“All websites will remain active as we migrate to the new system and there will be no interruption of services,” said DeJean.

For more information about OU Campus and OmniUpdate, contact DeJean by email at [email protected].