Students reach out to legislature

­­­­Let your voice be heard. This is the goal being reached for by the Student Government Association (SGA).

Earlier in the semester, SGA launched a network called Students United in Pursuit of Educational Respect (SUPER network) with the purpose of informing students about the current status of budgetary information at Southeastern. The network has three main phases with which students can educate themselves and get involved in communicating with the right people about the budget cuts.

The first phase was a voter registration drive in the Student Union Mall throughout the entire month of February. The second phase is going on right now. Throughout the entire month of March, SGA will be hosting a letter writing campaign. The third phase is a legislative forum in which students can ask legislators the questions they have face to face.

The current phase, the letter writing campaign, will be in the Student Union Mall every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11a.m. until 1 p.m. throughout the entire month of March. The purpose is to have students write letters to members of the House and Senate and to the governor to inform these decision-making figures that the people of Southeastern do indeed care about the state of the university. Many people, especially younger people, operate on the belief that the government doesn’t care what he or she has to say. SGA wants to send the message to students that their voice matters and that they have more influence than they may think.

 “It’s not an attack, it’s just to encourage them to keep higher education a priority in the state of Louisiana, and education as a whole,” said David Cavell, the president of SGA.

Students wanting to help the campaign can go to the booth on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and members of SGA will be there to help. Everyone is encouraged to write their own personal message to the legislators, but the organization has also provided a stock letter, which students can sign and send to the person of their choice. Anyone unable to make it to the booth may also write his or her own letter or print the stock letter and deliver it to the SGA office.

 “Our goal is to send over 1,000 letters, either to the governor, state senators and state legislators. We’ve collected over 100 letters so far,” said Cavell, only three days after the campaign began. “It’s going to hit them right before they go into session to talk about the budget. I think we’re hitting it just perfectly”

To read the stock letter and other information regarding the letter writing campaign, visit the SUPER network’s Facebook page.