SGA accepting applications for new officials

The Student Government Association (SGA) is currently accepting applications for its highest positions including President and Vice President for the upcoming March 25-27 election.
According to the association’s election packet, applicants must be full time students, enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours and be free of any academic or disciplinary probation.
Justice, Senator and Senator-at-Large positions require students to be involved in at least one other student organization, while Chief Justice, Vice President and President positions demand students possess at least a 2.5 semester and cumulative grade point average.
“These requirements are in place because SGA is a big commitment, and we are looking for the best that Southeastern has to offer,” said SGA Elections Board Chair Hunter Robinson.
All executive positions are open for election and each are attached with specific budget limits. Senator, Senator-at-Large- and Justice applicants are permitted to spending no more than $100 on campaign materials including donations and gifts.
Accordingly, utmost executive positions such as Vice President and Chief Justice are permitted to spending no more than $300 on their campaigns, while President applicants receive a maximum budget of $500 for their election materials.
Senate positions are based on enrollment numbers from each academic college and cabinet member positions will be obtainable once a President is elected March 27.
“The amount of senator positions available is based on the amount of students in each college,” said Robinson. “Cabinet positions will become available after the next president is elected.”
Students are permitted to campaign through social media outlets. They can also campaign with campus signs, pamphlets and other propaganda, provided its approved by an SGA co-coordinator. All campaigning, however, must be at least 50 feet away from any computer labs on campus.  
Applicants who violate any components of SGA’s requirements and procedures will be reprimanded and given a warning. Further violations and misconduct will be dealt with by removing the applicant from election ballots.
Furthermore, students who wish to see changes in campus altogether are asked to run for executive positions.
“As students we like to complain about all the things that we would like to change about Southeastern, and becoming a member of SGA gives students an opportunity to take steps to make those changes,” said Robinson.
This campus election season does come with alterations. According to Robinson, students will be able to vote online through a link allocated to the student body.
“One big change we’re making to elections this year is that we will moving voting back online,” said Robinson. “Not only will students continue to be able to vote at on campus polling stations, but they will now have the opportunity to vote from any computer instead. The link to vote will be emailed out to the student body.”