Rock ‘n Roar hits campus

On Saturday, March 19, high school students attending the District Literary Rally had the chance to have some fun after a morning full of tests on Southeastern’s campus.

 Including information booths from Southeastern’s academic colleges to face painting, jousting, an obstacle course and much more, the students had time to browse the campus for all of the events.  Also offered were art, dance and baseball camps for the youths, giving the entire family a chance to see Southeastern.

The day’s testing events started at 9 a.m., with a second round of testing beginning at 10:15 a.m.  Rally events included Algebra, Biology, English and Journalism with tests being administered across campus, from D Vickers and Fayard to Meade Hall.

During this time, those who were not testing could browse the various information booths in the Student Union to learn more about the university.

“We use balloon art to carry across the message that bullying is not a good thing,” said Dr. Klein-Ezell, from the Student Council for Exceptional Children.

Members of the Southeastern class also set up booths as well.

“We set up the Health Fair to just promote normal, regular health, that people should take their blood pressure and measure their blood sugar,” said Andrea Ferrari, a junior nursing major.  “It helps us reach out to the community, get them more involved and let them see that their health is important.”

Different food booths were offered by many of Southeastern’s organizations, including Greek life.  Cookies, gumbo, snowballs and hamburgers were just some of the things offered for the high school students.

“We’re promoting Phi Mu for incoming freshman as well as having nachos available for the students,” said Julie Collier, a graphic design major.  “All of the proceeds will go to Children’s Miracle Network.”

Capital Area Animal Welfare Society (CAAWS) was on campus to offer animal awareness to students.

“Most of the things that we’re trying to do is just to promote awareness and give out our name and adoption information,” Kirsten Dantin, a sophomore psychology major.  “We just try to make people safer around animals.”

Multiple camps were offered to younger children who were pre-registered for the events.  Baseball, dance and art camps made the day fly by for the youth.

“We wanted to take the idea of abstraction and turn it into something fun that they could do, so what they did was a blind contour portrait,” said Sara Shearman, a senior art education major.

Staff members are were also eager to help at the event.

“I’ve helped with the Rock n Roar event before. Basic drills I do is hitting drill, bunting drill, base running drill, fielding drill, and a throwing drill,” said Larry Hymel, the Alumni Athletics Coordinator.

The day’s events concluded around 1:15 p.m., with music by KSLU and Southeastern Star Performers sending off the participants of Rock ‘n Roar.