Entergy employees talk to students

Entergy, a Fortune 500 company, recently hosted an on-campus information and networking session for Southeastern students. Entergy was present in order to attract graduating seniors for full-time employment and those students seeking summer internships or co-ops. Dressed in solid red, buttoned shirts, each of the Entergy staff members gave a short personal introduction followed by their involvement with the company. A brief company overview was given before the session segued into the networking portion of the event.

Here, students could mingle with nearly a dozen Entergy staff members working in a variety of departments, such as Human Resources, Supply Chain Organization and multiple positions within Accounting, including inventory, control and source systems. Students found it appealing that there were staff members present that worked in the same field as their area of study.

“I liked that they had someone from each section of the business to come speak to each major,” said senior supply chain management major, Nicholas Cruise. “I’m in Supply Chain Management, and a lot of places don’t even offer someone that I can talk to,” said Cruise.

The networking portion also had students feeling more assured about future work.

“It makes me feel a little better about my prospects,” said Steve Goff, also a senior in Supply Chain Management. Other students pursuing internships or co-ops were able to get valuable information.

“I’m looking for an internship,” said Mauricio Toscano, a first semester M.B.A. student, “It gives me an idea of what, for example, this company is looking for. It gives me the opportunity to talk to people, otherwise, it’d be very difficult to do so,” said Toscano.

Entergy offers internships and co-ops to college students wishing to jumpstart their career. While catering to many majors and having a range of departments to choose from, placement in these positions is competitive. Internships are area specific and typically last between six and eight weeks in length. Co-ops, also being area specific, require students to forgo school for an entire semester in order to participate in the program.

A student willing to relocate for an internship or co-op is more desirable. There is also a one-time stipend of $1,500 available to those having to relocate for the position. Entergy welcomes and desires having repeat interns and co-ops, as the company makes an investment with each student they take in.

These positions with Entergy give the student valuable job experience and also put them on the pathway to possible full-time employment with the company.  For more information and specific availability concerning internships and co-ops, please visit www.entergy.com/careers.