Homecoming 2011 King and Queen

With the sun setting and the crowd anxious, the Homecoming candidates lined along the field waiting for their name to be called. The loudspeaker crackled, one name and then the other, Jordan Leggett and Jacy Carpenter. The reaction of the two students now representing Southeastern as Homecoming king and queen will be remembered forever.

President John L. Crain and the Southeastern Alumni Association President Gayle Neal greeted Leggett and Carpenter at the center of Strawberry Stadium as 2010 Homecoming King and Queen, Chris McKinley and Jenee Ratelle, passed their crowns off to the newly appointed king and queen.

Once on the sideline, both went to their families and friends, sharing smiles and capturing the moment. Hugging on the field and then on the sideline, both were unable to express their feelings for the moment.

“We’re best friends, and I couldn’t ask for another person to be crowned with,” said Carpenter. “Everyone says we’re twins and it feels great to share it with Jordan. We love Southeastern and thank everyone who supported us.”

Carpenter considered the moment even more special as her family was able to make the trip to see her be crowned 2011 Homecoming queen.

“I’m so happy that they were able to come,” said Carpenter.  “To share this with a friend and my family makes this even better.”

Elated, Leggett shared the same feelings as Carpenter, embracing the experience with a friend and his family, as he was named 2011 Homecoming king.

“This couldn’t have been a better experience,” said Leggett.  “I’m truly speechless right now.  I’m so honored for being chosen as the Homecoming king and in front of my family makes it even more special.”

As the crowd continued to cheer the new king and queen, McKinley spoke well about the two who have been selected to represent Southeastern.

“I am elated,” said McKinley.  “I couldn’t think of anyone that deserves both crowns better. They are so humble and deserving and both are so involved on campus. I wish them the best of luck and congratulations to both of them.”

After congratulating the new king and queen, Crain expressed his feelings of Leggett and Carpenter.

“I think they’re going to do a great job representing the school,” said Crain.

The celebration of Homecoming will come and go and others will be chosen. But until next year, both Leggett and Carpenter are Southeastern’s 2011 Homecoming King and Queen.