Students prepare for graduation festivities

Graduating from college is a huge moment in a student’s life. It melds the successful present with the promising future of a career. It is also a hectic experience, with an endless list of duties and things to take care of, not to mention staying on top of their final remaining classes. Southeastern has done its best to alleviate some of this stress by offering a service called Grad Fair to the graduating seniors.
Grad Fair is a two-day event that takes place each semester and helps graduating students take care of a large number of responsibilities all at once and even in the same room. This spring it took place on Wednesday, March 14 and Thursday, March 15 in the Alumni Center on North Campus.
“I feel like grad fair gives students a little taste of everything they need to do before graduation, get everything together,” said senior Andrew Whisnant, graduating with a degree in history and a minor in political science.
Many departments came together to help ease the burden on the graduating seniors. With labeled booths set up around the room, the easy-to-navigate set up makes things convenient and easy. Balfour was also available to assist with the ordering of graduation rings. Career Services was available to talk with students about finding employment post-graduation.
The Document Source had samples of graduation invitations for students to see and order. The Bookstore also had a table set up for students to buy last minute memorabilia and Student Publications  passed out yearbooks and assisted students in getting their graduation pictures taken. Perhaps most importantly at Grad Fair, students were able to order their cap and gown for the big day.
Many students are on the job hunt now that they’re ready to leave school. Job hunting can be stressful for many and the Office of Career Services is available to help.  Career Services features resume help as well as on-site interviews with potential employers.
“I have some prospects, but no confirmed things,” said Whisnant. “I do have my jobs now that I can continue working until I get a job. My ultimate goal right now is to go to law school.”
“Probably I’m going to go into the entrepreneurial aspect of business and start my own business,” said Adam Aaron, a graduating business management major. “I have a couple of ideas, I’m not sure yet. I might open a bar in Baton Rouge.”
Often times parents find the graduation experience to be a proud, bittersweet time.
“Southeastern has been absolutely wonderful,” said Racheal Kinchen, the mother of graduating English major Tyler Kinchen. “All the people that I’ve called have been so polite. Southeastern to me is the best university. My son is graduating here and I’ve got another son here. Y’all have been so sweet and just so nice. There has not been one unkind worker. Four years with my first son here and I could cry right now. It’s been absolutely wonderful.”