Wayne Eugene Carter is a wanted man on campus at Southeastern and in all of Hammond. The University Police Department has issued a warrant for his arrest for trespassing on Tuesday, Jan. 18.

Carter has caused disruption on Southeastern’s campus on at least four previous occasions. He has been arrested by University Police twice and is currently on probation for a burglary conviction.

More than once, he has entered Sims Memorial Library and viewed pornography on the computers while committing acts of obscenity.

“Our main concern is for the safety of our students,” said Chief Mike Prescott of the University Police, “and we are well aware of him.” Carter first became a known problem in May 2008. In 2009 he was banned from the campus until the year 2015.

The most recent sighting was on Jan. 18 when he attempted to enter Sims Memorial Library. He was recognized by a librarian and consequently ran away.  

“He ran out and we chased him. He’s like a gazelle,” said investigator O’Neil De Noux, describing a past confrontation. De Noux was present for several of these incidents and reported that Carter’s pattern has always been to flee the scene when he is discovered. De Noux also said that, in the past, Carter has attempted to change his appearance by shaving or growing his hair and facial hair, or by hiding his face with a hood.

He has also tried using a fake name to avoid being identified by University Police. Carter has a lengthy criminal history that includes aggravated assault, felony theft, obscenity, possession of a controlled substance, simple burglary and trespassing. University Police are currently working with Hammond Police to locate and arrest him as soon as possible.  His probation officer has also been contacted.

Though it has never been reported that Carter has acted violently or been found to have a weapon on campus, students and faculty are advised not to approach him. He is an African American male, weighing roughly 170 pounds, and he is 6’4″.

His last known address is on Coal Chute Road in Hammond. Anyone that does see him on campus is urged to immediately contact the University Police Department at 985-549-2222.

“If a student doesn’t have a cell phone, they should use one of the blue phones on campus,” said Chief Prescott.

These emergency phones are located all over campus and are easily identified by their blue color and lights. Once activated, an officer will reach your location in approximately two minutes or less.