Faces on parade at Hall Council’s Masquerade Ball

Hall Council held a Masquerade Ball for students and friends on Tuesday, March 27. It was an evening filled with elegant dresses, colorful masks and lively dancing. The ball began at 7 p.m. in Twelve Oaks and lasted well into the night. Admission was $1, which earned attendees a ticket for food and their choice of a variety of masquerade masks.

“Last year we did prom, and it was actually really successful so this time we wanted to do it bigger and we also wanted to raise money for a good cause,” said Krysten Dupuy, a sophomore accounting major and member of Hall Council. “We build community between the residents. That’s what we’re here for. We just try to make them all come together.”

All admission fees from the Masquerade Ball are to be donated to a foundation, along with any other donations added to a box that was placed at the door.

“The money is being raised for cystic fibrosis,” said Heather Breecher, a senior majoring in social work and member of Hall Council. “I had a friend who passed away in January so she has a fund called ‘Holly’s Who Dats.’ They have an annual walk in May and the money is going to go under her name, but it all goes to research and donations for cystic fibrosis.”

By the end of the evening, the room was filled with nearly 200 guests and Hall Council had raised close to $600 for ‘Holly’s Who Dats.’

Later in the night, guests had the opportunity to nominate and enter their votes for the Masquerade Ball King and Queen. Kacie Krulisky, a mathematics education junior, was named queen and Cory Nebe, her date for the evening, was named king.

After the king and queen were crowned and finished their honorary dance, the ball’s dance competition commenced. After all the competitors had showed off their moves, the crowd chose guest attendee Aaron Jarrell as the winner and he was given a trophy as his prize. The excitement was not over yet though, as runner-up Crystal Schayot, a senior in general studies, challenged him to a dance battle and the two continued to entertain the onlookers with their impressive skills.

Guests of the ball had numerous other ways to enjoy the evening. Gumbo, pasta, popcorn and drinks were available for students to dine on. Members of Hall Council put a lot of hard work into decorating the room with blue, purple and silver balloons, lights and even a large painted masquerade mask. A DJ provided a variety of music and the dance floor was occupied all night.

“I came because I could find a date and I like dressing up in masks. It reminds me of Mardi Gras and it’s a fun time,” said Faith LaGarde, a junior studying elementary education. “I think the decorations are beautiful. They went all out. The balloons are great, the lights are good and the picture-taking area is awesome.”