Pennington Center digs a little deeper

For 17 years the Pennington Activity Center has provided healthy opportunities and alternatives to the average college student’s sedentary lifestyle. Assistant Director of Health and Wellness Megan Mast has brought innovative and fun twists such as Group X classes to the normal workout routine.
“It’s a part of mission statement that we offer a comprehensive wellness opportunity for all students,” said Mast. “We have the weight room, where you can work out, we also have group X classes which is just another wellness program that we offer.”
Classes such as Body Blast, abs and back, cycling and Zumba mark the fall 2012 roster.
“We also carry Zumba Fit, where you do toning,” said Mast.  “And we also have Aqua Zumba, which is Thursday mornings in the pool. Brooke also heads up the running club.”
One advantage of the classes is the ease of accessibility.
“To go to the class you must have a class pass to get into the class, and you can get it that day before that class,” said Mast.  “We offer all of the classes before that day, with the exception of Body Blast. So you can’t get a Monday 6 p.m. pass for Zumba for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.”
The passes can be checked out at the front desk of the Pennington Center and are required to access the class. If the pass is not returned, it is a $25 no return fee.
“The reason we have passes is for safety reasons,” said Mast.  “Because that’s how many people are allowed in the class.”
The fact that the classes are free is another appealing factor to students.
“The only time it costs money is if you’re buying a membership,” said Mast.  
Senior kinesiology major and Group X instructor Brooke Carmouche notices many people bringing a friend to work out with.
“A lot of people don’t want to do it by themselves, so they bring friends to the classes” said Carmouche. “So they keep each other motivated to go.”
Although in her first semester teaching the Group X classes, Carmouche talked about her true passion for physical fitness, and instilling that passion in others around her.
“I love working out, so that’s how I ended up in the major,” said Carmouche.  “I did personal training a few times, and I noticed how much happier people are being fit and being healthy. It’s a great feeling.”