‘Traditions’ gets students involved

Traditions, a four-day program at the beginning of the semester, is an opportunity to get to know how to get involved.  The program is a way for incoming and returning students to learn about Southeastern, what it offers in regards to services and organizations and to become accustomed to a college lifestyle.

Starting Aug. 14 and ending Aug. 17, Traditions is part of the Office of Student Development.  Those leading the groups of students and the Traditions program are Division of Student Affairs (DSA) Leadership Ambassadors.

Kick-off was held in the University Center where students were able to meet Judson Laipply, an inspirational comedian who is more commonly known for his routine, The Evolution of Dance.  Afterwards, students were able to sign-up for the Late Night Southeastern and Paint Party.

“The only people missing out are the ones that aren’t here, but the ones that are here I think are really going to enjoy this,” said Student Government Association (SGA) Chief Justice William Takewell. “They [freshman] get to meet current students that are involved in a lot of things and get to hear firsthand experiences of being a Southeastern student.”

Students were also able to meet President John L. Crain during Picnic with the President inside the 12 Oaks.  Those participating could meet with other members of the administration, such as the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Tammy Bourg and Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Marvin Yates.

“I didn’t have this for my first year on campus,” said Student Government Association President Luke Holloway.  “I think this is a great way for incoming freshman to learn how to get involved and connect with Southeastern as a whole.”

Throughout Monday and Tuesday, students were given a chance to attend meetings about different organizations on campus, such as Greek Life, Project PULL and the Freshman Leadership Council. Students could also find information about services on campus such as Auxiliary Services, Student Support Services, Disability Services and the Counseling Center.

For the closing of the Traditions schedule, Harlen Cohen, author of the book “Naked Roommate.”  He spoke to the group of students about the change to a college lifestyle and how you can get along with others.

DSA Leadership Ambassadors set up a booth for the first day of class to help those new to the campus find their way if they got lost.  Freshman were the most common students to stop by the booth, though the ambassadors expected to see commuters as well.

“Basically what we are here to do is to see if any freshman have any problems or trouble finding their classes,” said Rasha Washington, a sophomore accounting major.

For more information on Traditions, contact the Office of Student Development at 985-549-3792 or to find out how to become a DSA Leadership Ambassador, you can find their link on the left hand side at http://www.selu.edu/admin/stu_dev/dsala/index.html.