Marjorie Morrison passes away at age 99

Marjorie Morrison's remembrance headshot

Marjorie Morrison, who died at age 99, will be forever remembered for her dedication to the arts.
Courtesy of Public Info

Art patron and Hammond philanthropist Marjorie Morrison died at age 99 on January 25, 2016. Morrison was the wife of former U.S. Congressman James Morrison of Hammond.

She was a strong supporter of the arts, and has impacted many in the community.

“She was the most active, energetic arts patron in this entire region,” said Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts Director Roy Blackwood. “There’s really nobody that has her reach or her influence. She could pick up the phone and call anyone and they would take her call. She was a valuable asset and a close personal friend of many, many of us here in town.”

Morrison will be remembered for her impact and influence in the arts. She played a role in establishing the Hammond Regional Arts Center, was on the board of The Columbia Theatre, the board of Sims Memorial Library, the University Advisory Board and more. Morrison also reigned as the first queen of the Krewe of Omega in 1986. 

“Marjorie Morrison was one of the grand ladies of not only Hammond but Washington, D.C.,” said alumni director Kathy Pittman. “She was always gracious and greeted everyone with a warm smile.” 

Morrison extended her reach to schools when the state eliminated funding for the arts in 1967. Morrison created the Arts Slide Lending Library, which ensured that all Louisiana children received art lessons. 

“She was tireless in her support of the arts and promotion of the importance of the arts,” said Blackwood. “She did to the best of her ability to facilitate arts in schools.”

Morrison impacted not only art-affiliated programs, but the many people involved with them. She was passionate about arts, which she has shown through her efforts.

“She was just a one in a million gal and we won’t see her likes again for awhile,” said Blackwood. “To have her resources and the interest and the energy is just critical for the work that she has done.”

Morrison will be remembered for her impact towards Southeastern and the city of Hammond.

“She was a great friend and advocate for Southeastern,” said Pittman. “Her legacy will be well remembered and she will be sadly missed.”